Cleaning Is Not Fun (Can You Make It?)

Cleaning is a repetitive chore most people lack the motivation to keep doing. It is time-consuming, physically taxing, and can be very tedious. And just a disclaimer, you won’t finish reading this post and then feel absolutely excited about cleaning. Such tricks don’t exist yet. But you’re here to learn some tweaks you can do to your cleaning to make it just a little more fun. 

Let’s get right into it!

7 Hacks To Make Cleaning Fun

Hire A Professional Cleaner

Not the first hack you’re expecting? Listen up. Hiring a professional cleaner to do periodic deep cleaning helps you a lot more than you think. It can get really grimy in the kitchen. The drapes and curtains can have deep stubborn stains. In these cases, hiring someone like the commercial cleaning services Edmonton will help rid those stains and grime. 

Hire a professional cleaner to reduce your workload. This will help level down your stress and will give you a fresh starting point. So, when you do your regular cleaning, you’ll have an easier, happier time.

Keep Yourself Entertained

Any mundane task is best paired with something you enjoy. In the case of cleaning, you can listen to upbeat music, dance through it, watch your favorite movie, listen to a radio talk-show or turn on your favorite audiobook. These can lift your mood and make the cleaning process less monotonous. Time will fly by more quickly and you’ll be through with your cleaning in no time.

Involve Your Family

Kid playing while wiping the floor

Not for everyone, but if you have kids you can instruct, rope them in as if they’re playing a game. Fill your kids’ water gun with a cleaning agent and have them spray it on the windows. You can also give time constraints to see who can arrange toys in a cluttered room faster.

If you have your better half, brother or sister around, get them to help without being imposing. You can band together, assign the kitchen room to one group or the bathroom to another, and see who gets to do the job more quickly. You can then offer small rewards to keep everyone motivated.

Workout While Cleaning

Doing household chores is a great way to workout. You’re essentially hitting two birds at one time – a cleaner space and a fitter body. 

For example, you can incorporate squats with your dishwashing routine to achieve a more toned legs and butt. After washing the dishes, grab them one at a time, squat, and unload the dishes from the drying rack to the cupboard. Do this while lowering your hips down as if sitting on a chair for every squat and you’ll be through with your exercise for the day. Not to mention, your dishes will have been cleaned! 

Re-Decorate Your Room

People often clean to just eliminate the clutter, but you can always use this time to decorate or give your home a fresh new look. Rearrange your furniture, create some clever storages, install newly framed photos, or add a couple of cushions to your living room. Add small touches to make it feel brand new and to cultivate creative thinking. With this process, cleaning becomes more rewarding and fun.

Reward Yourself

Female holding chocolate ice cream

If you’re planning to spend the whole day for general cleaning, rewarding yourself bit by bit throughout the day can make it more motivating. If you’re done scrubbing the bathroom floors, go ahead and have a cup of tea or eat chocolates. After doing the laundry, video chat with a friend or enjoy a snack. 

Remember to take short 15-minute breaks in between to do whatever you want. Just don’t make either cleaning or taking a break too long to avoid exhaustion and losing motivation to continue cleaning.

Invest In Modern Cleaning Tools

One common reason people dislike cleaning is; it just takes up a lot of time. This is why we now see automated washing machines and dishwashers, for example. If you want to reduce your workload even further, why not buy an autonomous lawn mower or a robot vacuum cleaner. Not only will you be excited to test out these cleaning tools, you’ll ultimately have a happier time doing your chores.


There’s a lot more ways to make cleaning fun than one. When housework starts to become a chore, you don’t have to keep it that way. Use your creativity, involve other people or pair it with something you enjoy. This way, you can make cleaning a bit more fun.

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